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Why Mediog?

Mediog is crafted with the best-in-the-market tools that are most lightweighted as well as super-functional.

  • Get seamless access to Dicom image files, as Mediog provides fast and lightweight DICOM viewer equipped with a handful of tools.
  • Now doctors can easily make reports anywhere, even at home as Mediog is live 24x7 any day anytime it is needed.
  • Radiologist collaboration is another cool feature to team up doctors for an analysis on emergancy situations.
  • Zero difficulty in communicating between doctors, technicians and imaging centers.

Mediog Cloud Architecture

Advantages for Radiology Imaging Centers

Teleradiology is making everything easier for diagnostic imaging centers today. Due to the superfluous requirement of diagnostic imaging, sometimes it is hard for centers to serve patients with quality assistance.

Keeping in mind of significant-quality service, Mediog provides utmost efficiency in report generation and patient care. The diagnostic centers may easily achieve faster and seamless process. From handling heavy DICOM images to keeping every study in sync, Mediog is keeping the torch lightened for the future of Teleradiology.